Thursday, August 6, 2015

Apps as a learning tool

Thousands off educational apps are available for teachers and parents to educate their children. And yes, a lot of them are for free!
From Pre-school -  foundation phase - high school learner to university students; Apps are accessible to all!

Teachers can use Apps to introduce new work, reinforce information, playing educational games when work is finished or as a reward system, doing activities on the Tablet or iPad (no paper- going green!!)

Apps are versatile and useful in the classroom. The only challenge about Apps in South Africa is that all schools are not able to afford Tablets, iPads or computers for every learner. Most schools do not even have internet access.

This great learning tool, are almost useless in most South African schools.

Buying time - for free!

I am busy doing my practice teaching and are constantly busy.

  • Research,
  • Lesson planning, 
  • Lesson preparation,
  • Activity sheets, 
  • Extra mural activities
  • Family
  • Friends 

and  sleep if I am lucky.

I came across this website/blog that makes my life ten times easier during teaching, "e-classroom".

Here you can find anything, especially the South African teacher, because everything is aligned according to CAPS. There is also Afrikaans worksheets and ideas.
The website covers Grade 1 - 12,

Go and explore the internet; Share and get resources. It would definitely buy you time!